The data-driven path towards net-zero logistics

ZF and shipzero unlock a new level of climate action in road freight operations.

Shipzero’s data platform facilitates customers’ ability to calculate, monitor and reduce logistical emissions.


Emission reduction in road freight operations is hard to achieve due to a fragmented market and unbalanced incentives in the value chain. The carrier’s processes are disconnected from the planning and procurement decisions of large shippers. Carriers need to adhere to the requirements of the shippers. ZF brings unmatched fleet orchestration and vehicle diagnostics expertise, and shipzero provides freight order data as a neutral player with an accredited emission calculation engine.


ZF’s commercial vehicle division and shipzero have developed cloud-native data platforms tailored to complimentary use cases within the logistics industry. ZF’s fleet solutions enable transport operators to have comprehensive control over their internal operations, while shipzero’s decarbonization platform merges shipper-side transport order data with real-time information from trucks. By uniting these information assets, ZF and shipzero are able to provide logistics operators with a new level of insight that can be used to make more informed decisions about their operations. This can lead to improvements in sustainability, efficiency, and profitability.


In partnership with Kube & Kubenz, a specialized road freight carrier for liquid hazardous goods, a comprehensive assessment of the carbon footprint associated with each individual transport operation has been calculated. This data serves as a benchmark for industry leaders in the chemical and oil & gas sectors, to ensure compliance with sustainability standards, and enable optimization in operations and reduction of emissions. These findings enable the provision of environmentally friendly logistics services, addressing scope 3 emissions, by leveraging proven records of bio-fuel utilization and unbiased, data-driven insights for effective planning and informed procurement decision-making.

Together with Kube & Kubenz — a specialized road freight carrier for liquid hazardous goods — a precise carbon footprint of each individual transport step of operations was developed. This data basis was used to optimize operations, and save emissions. Furthermore, the results are the compliant data basis for market leaders in the chemical and oil & gas industries. They facilitate green logistics services in their scope 3 emissions through proven records of bio-fuel usage and unbiased, data-driven inputs for planning and procurement decisions making.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Martijn Maters (Global Alliances and Strategic initiatives leader at ZF Group), Fausto Fanin (Robotics and Automation Innovation Engineer at ZF Group), Sven Bohnert (Managing Director at ZF Ventures GmbH), Daniel Majewski (Global Head of Strategy R&D and System Solutions at ZF Group), Tobias Bohnhoff (Founder and CEO at shipzero) and Mirko Schedlbauer (Founder and CTO at shipzero)

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