Smart decisions on the pathway to net-zero fleets

Bridgestone Mobility and Chargylize offer a data driven solution for fleet electrification.

Chargylize is offering a software solution that allows its customers to identify the right electric vehicle based on the real driving profile.


Corporate mobility accounts for a significant share of global CO2 emissions and is therefore one of the biggest levers for CO2 reduction. Electrification of the corporate fleet is an important measure to achieve the goal of CO2 neutrality. However, companies face operational challenges in implementing the strategy that need to be overcome. These include, for example, ensuring operational feasibility as well as achieving acceptance among employees. To make the right electrification decisions, the Chargylize solution enables a simulation of electrification based on the actual driving profiles of Bridgestone Mobility telematics customers.


In order to make the right decisions when selecting electric vehicles and the company’s own charging locations, it is crucial to assess the interaction between electric vehicle, charging infrastructure and driving behavior. The actual driving and parking behavior is collected by Bridgestone Mobility’s telematics solution. The transfer to the Chargylize application is done either via a download/upload of the driver’s logbook or a direct API connection with a transparent data sharing process. Based on this, the trip sequence of each vehicle is simulated with all available electric vehicle models — taking into account real consumption values as well as locations and power of the charging infrastructure.


Fleet managers can use Chargylize’s solution to identify the vehicles in the fleet for which electrification is possible without restriction. They also receive recommendations on which electric vehicles are best suited for the individual driving profile. The realistic simulation helps to better forecast cost and CO2 effects. More importantly, it creates the necessary acceptance among employees who would otherwise have to bear the consequences of an unplanned electrification strategy. The Chargylize solution is available to Bridgestone Mobility customers in more than 10 EMEA markets.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Wolfgang Schmid (BMS) and Florian Klett (Chargylize).

Contact for the project

Alexander Schwerdt, Ventures Mobility

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