Revving Up Sustainability: The Power of Smarter eFleet Solutions!


Webfleet telematics data combined with Bia’s optimisation software, helps maximize reliability and productivity of eFleets while minimizing peak load, energy costs and Co2 emissions.

Bia delivers cutting-edge software to optimise eFleet and eBus charging. Bia’s software is designed to reduce costs, improve operations, and deliver critical systems integrations for EV charging.


As fleets make the transition to electric vehicles, managing charging infrastructure can be a complex and expensive process. Fleet managers have new charging assets to manage in connection with their fleets, through multiple new interfaces. And, on top, unmanaged charging can lead to operational inefficiencies and unnecessary costs. That’s were Webfleet and Bia come in.

Leveraging both Webfleet’s telematics expertise and Bia’s cutting-edge charging solutions, they enable eFleets to operate efficiently and reliably with the lowest costs and cleanest charge, manageable through one easy to use interface.


Webfleet integrated Bia’s platform into their new Webfleet Smart Charging Module, allowing customers to monitor and experience optimized charging within the same interface. Webfleet integrates eFleet planning data and Bia leverages this to determine the optimal charging planning to maximize reliability.


Together, Webfleet and Bia, offer comprehensive smart eFleet solutions. They ensure full telematics data and real time analytics and control to ensure the lowest cost and cleanest charge with improved efleet operations.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Taco Olthoff (BMS) and Roby Moyano (Head of Product Bia).

Contact for the project

Alexander Schwerdt, Ventures Mobility

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