Revolutionizing Packaging Sustainability: Pallets and Separators Made with Waste

Maxion replaces single-use wooden pallets and plastic separators with reusable plastic Made With UBQ™.

UBQ Materials is a plastic substitute converted entirely from organic and unrecyclable waste, empowering its customers to lower the carbon footprint of their products and support a more circular economy.


UBQ Materials worked together with Maxion to explore behind-the-scenes opportunities in Maxion’s operations that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint across their supply chain. More specifically, they were looking for opportunities to replace some of the petrol-based materials from Maxion’s wheel packaging solutions with more sustainable and planet-friendly ones.


Maxion decided to team up with UBQ Materials to replace their single-use wooden pallets and plastic separators with reusable plastic Made With UBQ™. UBQ™ is a climate-positive thermoplastic made from 100% unsorted waste, including organics and unrecyclable materials.


By implementing UBQ, Maxion achieves significant environmental impact in reducing their carbon footprint and diverting waste from landfills or incineration.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Can Uckun (Innovation Engineer at Maxion) and Sophie Tuviahu (VP Business Development at UBQ Materials).

Contact for the project

Johannes Felden, Ventures Mobility

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