Functional Hybrid Bearing Components Made From Hybrid Materials

A Project between Schaeffler and Polymertal

The Project

By combining Schaeffler’s expertise in designing roller bearings with Polymertal’s innovation for hybrid material solutions, the teams expect to increase the product’s wear resistance and out-perform the polymeric version of the bearing.


While the project is currently in the development phase, the objective of the collaboration remains the same: To develop a hybrid material based roller bearing cage using a polymeric substrate with a metallic cover. Following the development stage, prototypes will be manufactured and will go into lab testing in Israel and will then be tested at a Schaeffler location in Germany.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Dr. Kay Marschalkowski (Schaeffler, Innovation Lead Advanced Production Technology) and Guy Varon (Polymertal).


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Contact for this project

Alina Biermann
Ventures Associate,
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