Create a positive impact with data management technology

DXC brings its broad understanding and experience in Energy & Utilities industry & market complemented with an in-depth expertise in Digital, Technology, and Data into a partnership with Opinum who brings a solution matching the requirements of the businesses within the Energy & Utilities industry.

Opinum is offering a software solution that allows its customers to create a positive environmental impact thanks to data management technology for applications in the energy and water sectors.


Europe’s 2030 climate change ambition combined and complicated by Europe’s energy crises requires an accelerated shift to greener businesses and economies. According to DXC’s experience in business engagements with customers and partners, almost all enterprises facilitate the creation of an energy efficiency culture within the organization. Also, an energy efficiency culture driven through an active energy management and optimization solution has become a strategic action.


Together with Opinum, DXC has created a joint Energy Management and Optimization solution (EMOS), resulting in: i. Reduction of the environmental cost of a business operation, ii. Increase of financial savings through energy efficiency, iii. Prevention of non-compliance with regulatory requirements on energy use, iv. Mitigation of the climate effects of GHG emissions, and v. Reducing the risk of energy bill volatility.


Multiple EMOS vendors exist in the market. All of them promise improvements in energy efficiency, confirm the scalability and extensibility of their solutions bespoke to business needs and assure the openness of the solution across the company’s enterprise architecture. Strategizing and selecting the right EMOS, and deploying them with the right data and on the right cloud infrastructure is challenging.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to Khaled Popal (DXC), Egidio Gioele Varvarito (DXC), Jy Lai (DXC), Loic Bar (Opinum), and Alison Colon (Opinum).

Contact for the project

Roberto Sampietro, Ventures Mobility

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